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We Need to Understand Charity as a Social Responsibility

We get charity lessons from icons of charity. Call them by different titles, but their greatness is never diminished. Let’s take few examples. Mother Teresa was titled as Saint Mother Teresa and Yechiel Eckstein, the Jewish personality of Lithuania was titled as Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. It doesn’t make a difference when some personalities are working on a same mission. There may be difference in types of activities they perform and their style of working, but outcome is same, the benevolence. The real objective of charity is achieved when the performer has no self-interest and his or her entire focus is on giving benefits to others who are in dire need of these benefits.

Learning charity

Rabbi EcksteinWe discussed truth about charity in above paragraph. The purpose is to understand the real concept of charity. There is some advice to go through IFCJ reviews to better understand this concept. You can learn a lot from the life of the founder and head of Rabbi Eckstein, who passed away very recently. His 35 years of dedication and efforts to charity through IFCJ, the international charity organization of Christians and Jews, would equip you with a discrete idea of real charity and execution of charitable activities. The biography and literature available on Rabbi Eckstein also highlight Jewish charity in the post. The comprehensive study of ancient and contemporary literature illustrates why Jews are highly engaged in charity and why they are known worldwide among other communities for benevolent activities.

Charity as a social responsibility

The purpose here is not to compare any community or religion from the perspective of charity, but to focus on the significance of charity as a social responsibility of the mankind. In the words of Eckstein, the richest individual is surrounded by so many needy family members and the distant poor should get something. This is real and logical part of charity.

A Tragedy That Left Us All with Burdened Hearts  

It was the night of 7th February, 2019 that people encountered the last of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. It was definitely an untimely end of such an eminent personality who had been serving his people in his entire life time. Rabbi Eckstein was the founder of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ). And he was known to be a messiah to his fellow Jews. The sad event burdened the hearts of the people overall the world but specially the people of Israel.

The founder

Yechiel Eckstein laid the first foundation stone of IFCJ in the year 1983 and it is know from the IFCJ reviews that a sum of more than $1.6 billion was raised by this foundation whose main motive was to serve the poor and the marginalized group of Jews in Israel, the less earning minorities Israelis and the survivors of the holocaust.Yechiel Eckstein

Funeral attention

The tragedy took place on 7th night and the funeral service was conducted on the following day i.e. on 8th February, 2019. The funeral was attended by many prominent figures, like the former Jerusalem mayor, Nir Barkat, the US Ambassador, David Friedman and also Rabbi Lazar, who is the head of Chabad, Russia. The funeral service was attended by many dignitaries who also gave their eulogy.

The first person to give the eulogy was Rabbi Lazar who spoke about the kind deeds of Yechiel and how his entire life’s journey was dedicated to his Jewish fellows. Secondly it was Berel  who is the brother of the deceased, and later it was Yael, the daughter of Yechiel who put her words emotionally describing how  selfless her father was and how he had dedicated his entire life serving the lives and also cared for the improving the minority classes of Israel.

Setting you free from debilitating heart anomalies

It is common for most people to think, that a problem in the heart means that you are counting your days and are on the verge of death. There is also a misconception that heart attack is the only disorder that can happen to the heat and when it does happen, it might lead to death. But, the fact is that there are other conditions other than heart attack, that might affect the efficiency of the heart and not all problems are fatal and life-threatening. While some minor problems can be treated with medications and life style modifications, the major problems have got to be rectified through surgery. However, choosing the experienced and expert consultant and practitioner like roberto casula is important to ensure that the procedure is done in a risk-free manner.

What are the surgical treatment procedures?

Roberto Casula

 The surgical treatment procedures for treating and rectifying the heart problems in adults include

  • Aortic stent graft
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery which includes both traditional and off-pump procedures
  • Heart transplantation surgery
  • Minimally invasive heart surgery usually meant for valve repair and valve replacement.

However, it is a continuously evolving field in which there are a number of research studies going on in improving the treatment procedure, the after surgery care,  cardiovascular medicine and robotics and minimally invasive surgery.Roberto Casula

Why an experienced consultant is preferable?

Though the surgical procedures are highly standardized, you cannot deny the fact that each individual has a different type of emotional makeup. The way in which a person’s body would react to the surgical procedure would be different. That is why you need an experienced and expert consultant like roberto casula at the helm. The consultant would help you to clear all the doubts you have about the surgery. Owing to his experience and the wide spectrum of cases he has dealt with, he would ensure that the risks associated with the surgery are minimized and perform the surgery effectively.

Choose the right consultant to set you free from heart anomalies.

Changing the Way, You Use Mining Products According To Roberto Casula

According to the recent market history, having a secure technical background in whatever field one works it allows the person to be flexible enough so that he or she can contribute their expertise in their respective fields of study.

This has been done by the most widely spoken man in the world right now, Roberto casula. Starting to study with mining engineering, he soon took up a job as a reservoir engineer at Eni in the year 1988. This was the job which Roberto had been looking for as this was the core subject which he had excelled in during his college days.

How do we depend on oil energy?

Energy mainly in the form of oil and other products of the same main product is very demand dint the world economy and is the chief constituent which also drives the whole world. Working in such an industry allowed Roberto to expand his flexibility and also bring his innovation in changing how the supply of oil was made and also regulating the pollution control on such kind of an energy resource.

Roberto Casula eni

An idea to improve the whole world

His idea is to prevent the oil used by people all around the world to be less provocative towards the global warming which is slowly raising the temperatures of the earth. Upon further refining processes, one using these forms of energy resources will be able to emit less amount of pollutants into the air which shall result in lesser air pollution and a minimisation of global warming all throughout the world.

His dream of bringing down the temperatures from the current state of worldly overheating shall help the ice caps reduce in the melting process and keep marine life intact.

Learn Roberto casula Eni’s key to success

Roberto casula Eni is said to bring up the ideas from the several books, article which he reads and also from playing golf. Curiosity is the key to success is what a kind of lesson he imparts on the many future generations pursuing such a kind of a dream in the recent educational platforms.

People in Various Categories of Vegetarians & Vegans

Non-vegetarian is broad category and people coming in this category have wide variety of choices to eat from plant-based and animal-based foods. A vegetarian is a restricted category because it bars consumption of non-veg foods. A new vegan category is further restricted because people coming in this category have even restricted choice in veg foods.

Vegetarian categories

Vegetarian category does have sub-categories as we just don’t talk of vegan restriction. Vegan is a specific category and the people in this category believe in purely veg foods, but restriction of non-consumption of animal products is somewhere eliminated in vegetarian category. In fact, there are four sub-categories of vegetarian category, derived on the basis of food habits of the people falling under each sub-category.

vegan restaurants

  • Lacto Ovo Vegetarian, includes people not eating meats and sea foods but include dairy products such as milk and eggs in their diet
  • Ovo Vegetarian, includes people either eating eggs or other dairy products (excluding eggs) in their diet
  • Semi Vegetarian, includes people voluntary controlling meat consumption
  • Demi Vegetarian. Includes people consuming eggs, fish and dairy products but exclude meats.

Vegetarian people in most above sub-categories can conveniently dine in common restaurants serving both veg and non-veg foods and they can also make their entry into vegetarian restaurants for vegetarian dishes. They can also try in vegan restaurants for very specific pure vegetarian dishes. So, these type of sub-categories of vegetarian have low restriction in food choices.

Vegan categories

Vegans are also categorized as ethical vegans, plant-based vegans and raw vegans. Ethical vegans are a common category and are really pure vegetarians avoiding animal and animal-derived products. Plant-based vegans live on ground-grown plant-based foods only. Raw vegans are very specific about foods. They refrain from animal by-products and believe in eating partially-cooked plant foods below certain temperature to ensure their nutritional value.

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss: Secret of Losing Weight

Weight watchers usually watch others to follow the practice of losing weight. It is good to follow others but the same method not always works. The campaigns of weight loss program companies cast top celebrities to prove effectiveness of their weight loss program. This is a marketing campaign and it works because most people are inspired by what their favorite celebrity says. Obviously, a huge sum is offered to a top celebrity for this campaign and the company expects good results. The program may not be effective sometimes and people fails to lose weight by choosing a program but they lose lot of money. However, the company earns far more than the sum paid to a celebrity for a marketing campaign.

Celebrity speaks truth about her weight loss

Jennifer Hudson weight lossIt is not true to say that celebrities never speak truth about their weight loss. The story of Jennifer Hudson weight loss is somewhat different. She achieved her goal of weight loss after child birth because she was firm and her efforts were consistent. Most celebrities usually speak but never tell their secret. The story of Jennifer Hudson is true and this is her secret of success. Jennifer has a different view on weight loss. She doesn’t believe in hunger or even starvation.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss program

“Rome was not built in a day” is a popular saying and this is true for weight loss. There is no miracle which can shed pounds of extra weight in a day. Most companies talk of their rapid weight loss program. What’s rapid weight loss? It doesn’t refer to losing weight in a day or two. It takes several weeks because action starts during first or second week. The individual has to wait and watch the progress in the program. Jennifer Hudson weight loss program has something to do with change in the lifestyle. The program offers type of weight loss pills for those who want to achieve their weight loss goal faster.