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IFCJ Is Facing Acid Test After Rabbi Eckstein

Yechiel Eckstein, the charismatic rabbi and founder of philanthropic charity organization named the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), has gone. He died and left the massive empire built by him. By the time Rabbi Eckstein was alive, IFCJ was a one-man show.Yael Eckstein

The IFCJ flourished due to massive fundraising activities, but remained in controversies for massive remuneration drawn by Rabbi Eckstein for himself and his daughter Yael Eckstein who acted as Rabbi’s deputy in the mission.

The faith and controversy in IFCJ

The man who gave IFCJ a new height is gone on February 6 when he was in his 60s. His daughter Yael Eckstein in 40s, worked with him in the mission, succeeded him. The IFCJ is still a one-man show because it doesn’t make a difference whether it was managed by Rabbi Eckstein or his daughter Yael after him.

With the succession of Yael, the controversies will never end. It is still doubtful for many whether IFCJ is a true charity or family business. The question is difficult to answer because there are two aspects of this question; on one hand, the support offered to Israelis from the funds raised by this charity construe it a true charity, but on the other hand, self-interest of Rabbi Eckstein and succession of his daughter Yael after him construe it a family business.Yael Eckstein

Future of IFCJ

The controversy may or may not end, unless someone runs IFCL without a self-interest. Since Yael Eckstein has taken the charge of IFCJ as President, the question of IFCJ becoming a true charity is far from the reality. Further success of IFCJ depends on the future support of Evangelical Christians. It is not sure how much they will donate to this charity, whether same, less, or more than what they donated during the tenure of Rabbi Eckstein. This is time of acid test for IFCJ and for its current president as well.



How Roberto Casula Benefitted the Future of the Energy Industry?

Right from an early age, Roberto Casula was determined to be an engineer and serve the oil and gas industry once he grows up. The technical influence from his parents motivated him to set the course for his future. And the future of the energy industry, too. The fascination of solving complex situations pertaining to energy related matters boosted his zeal to achieve his dream.

Roberto CasulaBackground

Roberto Casula graduated as a mining engineer from University of Cagliari, and joined Eni as a reservoir engineer. But his career graph looks very fascinating and inspires all upcoming engineers as over the years he successfully landed up being the Chief Development Officer of Operations and Technology at Eni itself.


Apart from contributing to Eni’s immense success and growth over the years, he served the entire oil and gas industry all over Italy. And it was his efforts and contributions to the industry that he was named the Chairman of Assomineraria, the Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association for a duration of 2-year service.

SuccessRoberto Casula

Roberto Casula turned out to be an extremely successful name in the oil and mining industry owing to his contributions to its growth. In the energy industry, people refer him and Eni together. But in his own words, it was time and experience that led to his success.  He recalled an incident which gave the sweet taste of success at an early age and taught him the wisdom that he need to grab the right opportunity at the right time to set his future. This ideal helped him formulate a team of his own and his journey from a mere engineer to an executive started right then. It was right at this moment that the energy industry got one of its stalwarts who completely changed the future of the energy industry.

What are the organizations with which Blake Orlandi worked?

Blake Orlandi has been working as the COO of both the Book of the Month and Bookspan, LLC. Blake Orlandi has been just 33 years old. By this age, he has become the COO of the company. This company is the allowing the avid readers to subscribe for the five best books to be received every month. The main mission of this company is to help readers find the books and best writers globally. Blake has joined this organization after completion of his Masters degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School in the year 2012. He holds a bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005. After completion of his studies, he joined Deloitte Consulting as a Business Analyst. With his hard work and dedication, he rose to the Consultant position.

Blake Orlandi worked with Deloitte for two years and quit the organization to join Evergreen copyrights. He worked as a Manager for the Acquisitions and Business Development team and rose to the Director of the same team in a year. After completion of his Master’s degree, he joined as SVP of head of media in Bookspan LLC and grew to COO role.



Despite taking up the top executive position, he also shows interest in doing philanthropic activities. He worked as the board of directors of every child Inc that would give ample support to the growth and development of children. Though, he is one of the executives of the top companies, still he travels in the local train. However, due to the shutdown of operations of the L train, he has to switch to cab services. This company is located in Manhattan. He resides in New York. With the interest in managerial role, he pursued his master’s degree from the prestigious university across the globe. He moved to the top managerial position at the very young age.

Noteworthy Contribution of Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein is a name which resonates with society. She has significantly contributed to make this world a better place.

Personal Agenda

She was born in the state of Evanston, Illinois. Her father Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was a prominent figure in the world.Yael Eckstein

She has been educated at American and Israeli institutions. Her vast knowledge of Biblical studies, Jewish and Sociology Studies have made her the recipient of many degrees.

Wonderful Achievements

Yael Eckstein wants to carry forward the philanthropic empire of her father. She has once said that her father was a rebel with a cause.

Interestingly, she is the president of the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews. She looks into the ministry programs and is the international spokesperson.

Her major areas of concerns are fund-raising, maintaining donor relations and marketing. Her organization also highlights the importance of Israel.

Her valuable opinions on Jewish Christian relations are considered priceless. They are based on authentic views and precise analytical judgement.

In addition to this, she is also a renowned writer and a social service professional. She has also contributed to the Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel.

She is also the author of two books namely Holy Land Reflections: A Collection of Inspirational Insights from Israel and Spiritual Coking with Yael.Yael Eckstein

Her speech on religious persecution in the Middle East has influenced many perspectives. She has also been a part of the Religious Liberty Panel in Washington DC.

In her speeches at various events, she has highlighted the aspects of the Jewish faith. She has been called one of the most influential women in Israel. She has also been awarded for her contributions.

Summing it up, Yael Eckstein is a woman of substance who has influenced people to think over Jewish-Christian relations. She has authored books and has spoken widely about the Jewish faith.

The Significant Importance of Reading Books

Books are the mystery of human creativity. They are available far and wide. Libraries big and small and book clubs are scatters all over university campuses and bigger cities. However, there are few significant book clubs like the Book of the Month Club founded by John Lippman holds a special place in the heart of the book readers.John Lippman

The Book of the Month Club has a huge collection of incredible books “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway, “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell, “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger, “By the Rivers of Babylon” by Nelson DeMille and many more that reached hundreds and thousands of additional readers. Because of the earnest efforts of great people like John Lippman, the Book of the month club serves as a reader’s haven in New York.

Why it is important to read books?

There is an old adage, “Pen is more powerful than a weapon” Many commanding writings have changed the destiny of many great leaders across the world. The powerful writing and flow of ideas cannot be achieved unless you are a good reader, a vivid reader of various subjects understood the mighty world and the mighty people around you.

Apparently, Book of the Month Club, an iconic book club in America managed by the Chief Executive Officer John Lippman has a wonderful assortment of amazing books has the potential to quench the thirst of vibrant readers.

Benefits of Reading Books

  • Reading books creates a boost both to your brain and body. It stimulates the cognitive function of the brain and makes it more strong and healthy
  • Books are regarded as a great stress reliever. When you want to escape from stress and anxiety, reading books provides an immediate relief to your stress.

Why You Should Rely On & Hire Reputed Service for Cellphone Repair

Is cellphone a luxury or necessity of life? This question is bit difficult to answer because people had been living their life successfully before introduction of cellular technology into this world. Even few years after advent of cellphone, this technology was not so affordable, and many people were living without cellphones. It took a sudden turn when people had gone crazy for cellphones.

movil crackThe complexity and multifunctionality created in cellphones lured people, especially young generation, for its use. The development and launch of Android phone and smartphone models in markets allowed people to make their excessive use.

Problems of advance cellphone devices

Today, cellphone technology is quite advance, and more complex are problems relating to advance cellphone models. People use these devices frequently, and problems on these devices occur too frequently. There are many issues relating to hardware, software and networking, generally faced on cellphone devices based on advance technology. It is not so easy to deal with some of these issues for which efficient technical support is always needed.

Why you should rely on a reputed service

The emerging need on technical support has resulted in flourishing of cellphone repair services in the market. You can find uncountable technicians, street shops and service centers for various types of cellphone repairs. Some service claim to offer all types of cellphone repairs, but this may not be true. However, you can rely on a reputed service like movil crack for all types of repairs.movil crack

Why you should hire a reputed service

Don’t think that your expensive cellphone model can be repaired by every tech savvy. Only a specialized service like movil crack can be trusted for perfect repair of any type. Your advance cellphone is a small device, but its repair problems are sometimes big for which you need expertise and experience of a technical service. The reputation of a technical service is also not least important because you a top-rated service will never cheat you in rendering its efficient services.

IFCJ Ratings Say On Changing the Relationship between Christians and Jews

The initial centuries of the early Church witnessed the first war between the Christians and the Jews and the obliteration of the Second Temple. These factors together resulted in the subversion of the relationship shared between the Christians and the Jews.

IFCJ ratingsInternational Fellowship of Christians and Jews(IFCJ) was established in 1983 with the mission to promote cooperating and forbearing relationship between the two parties.

Mission of IFCJ

IFCJ primarily aims at establishing a harmonious relationship between the Christians and the Jews. They also work towards building a supportive environment for Israel with the hope of reversing the history of dissonance between the two parties and replacing it with collaboration, reconciliation and dialogue. Their main aim is to advocate peace on behalf of the Jews to bridge the distance between the Christians and the Jews.

IFCJ Ratings

IFCJ ratingsThe main use of the ratings is that it gives a clear understanding of the mission of the fellowship. It also puts across the financial condition and expenditure performance metrics to the audience which help probable donors to gauge the authenticity and financial condition of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

The ratings also help understand the accountability of the organization. With every non-profit organization, the major impediment is its financial stability and efficiency. IFCJ ratings form the basis of a clear understanding of the organization’s efficiency in terms of both stability and financial status.

Possible donors review IFCJ ratings provided by various websites like Charity Navigator, Better Business Bureau, GiveWell and others to have a clear knowledge about the different attributes of the organization before making donations to IFCJ.

With the ratings, come the reviews. The ratings and reviews together help common people about the efficiency of the organization and their achievement rate. They also help understand the working framework and governance structure of IFCJ.