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IFCJ Ratings Say On Changing the Relationship between Christians and Jews

The initial centuries of the early Church witnessed the first war between the Christians and the Jews and the obliteration of the Second Temple. These factors together resulted in the subversion of the relationship shared between the Christians and the Jews.

IFCJ ratingsInternational Fellowship of Christians and Jews(IFCJ) was established in 1983 with the mission to promote cooperating and forbearing relationship between the two parties.

Mission of IFCJ

IFCJ primarily aims at establishing a harmonious relationship between the Christians and the Jews. They also work towards building a supportive environment for Israel with the hope of reversing the history of dissonance between the two parties and replacing it with collaboration, reconciliation and dialogue. Their main aim is to advocate peace on behalf of the Jews to bridge the distance between the Christians and the Jews.

IFCJ Ratings

IFCJ ratingsThe main use of the ratings is that it gives a clear understanding of the mission of the fellowship. It also puts across the financial condition and expenditure performance metrics to the audience which help probable donors to gauge the authenticity and financial condition of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

The ratings also help understand the accountability of the organization. With every non-profit organization, the major impediment is its financial stability and efficiency. IFCJ ratings form the basis of a clear understanding of the organization’s efficiency in terms of both stability and financial status.

Possible donors review IFCJ ratings provided by various websites like Charity Navigator, Better Business Bureau, GiveWell and others to have a clear knowledge about the different attributes of the organization before making donations to IFCJ.

With the ratings, come the reviews. The ratings and reviews together help common people about the efficiency of the organization and their achievement rate. They also help understand the working framework and governance structure of IFCJ.

Sustainable Business Needs Strong Foundation

Planning Is Essential

Whenever you think about any business projects or ventures, then the first thing comes to mind is the complete planning. That can make you start from the beginning and provide you with the ways to follow, until the Roberto Casulaaccomplishment of the work. Roberto Casula is one of the major players, who have the mindset for flawless planning and the potential to realize the plans in the most appropriate manner adhering to the deadlines of time. Since he believes in working the plans, at the earliest possible time leaving no room for the delays or disruptions.

Environment Matters

Since he joined his first position in 1988 at Eni, Roberto Casula has been serving different locations and offices at the best of his calibre. Just to ensure that the projects and missions assigned to him are completed without any kind of interruptions, most of the times. As he has been working in a business-oriented environment, he always focused on the accurate solutions of contemporary situations. In order to make sure, that there remain no loopholes in the Roberto Casulawhole functioning and the results need to be in tune with the expectations of the organization or the society.

Roberto Casula has worked dedicatedly while appointed as Director, Manager, Development Engineer, Vice President, CEO at various places. That made him gain a lot of experience and own a huge knowledge base, which has proved to be his asset in searching for the ways beneficial for the countries across the world. Since the Oil and Gas Industry needs to be taken into account seriously, as the fuel is subject to an end. There have to be some measures, which can be taken to prolong the process and keep fulfilling the increasing human needs for a longer time span.

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The Agenda of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews for Charity

Philanthropy, the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes, is humans’ trait and it’s in the human blood, but not all humans look to the bright side of this trait. The term “philanthropy” has nexus with charity, act of donating without a self-motive. The charity may be from a person to person, person to organization, or organization to society. Community partnerships are quite popular and doing great jobs to serve the mankind.IFCJ

About IFCJ and JDC

You might be familiar with the names American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), a worldwide relief organization and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), a philanthropic organization to promote understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians. These organization have great mission of charity. The cooperation between Jews and Christians has so far been able to raise over million dollars through donations to serve the poor and needy people.

The mission

The founding of IFCJ in 1983 had a broad mission to build broad support for the State of Israel. The organization did far more than its main mission. The organization’s new hand is working to provide lifetime food and medicine support to elderly Jews. All people are not settled in their life, and fail to meet their basic needs due to financial weakness. Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU) are main example of the community that is really needy. They need a support to raise their family and children, and to fulfil their basic needs.IFCJ

The agenda of charity

The community will never progress when families the community are economically feeble, but IFCJ made an agenda of supporting Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU). The mission of charity is well served by this organization. The JDC also partnered in this mission of social welfare. This collaboration expanded to extend support of larger population.

Donate funds to IFCJ after checking the ratings

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded in the year 1983. Ever since its inception, it has been working rigorously to achieve the goal of promoting a better understanding between the Jews and Christians. They are also giving ample support to the Christians living in Israel. The support is given by the Christians from across the globe. This charitable organization is receiving a huge amount of funds from the people to help the victims of wars and terrorism attacks. IFCJ ratingsThis organization is also fighting hard against Semitism. They are helping the Jews to return to Israel by offering ample support. The best part is that the funds are used in a proper way by these people. They would provide the IFCJ ratings, information on how they are spending the amount funded by the people clearly on the site. They also provide hot meals, medicine and clothing to the elderly and children and are giving aid to the soldiers of Israel.

There is a stringent training that is offered to the immigrants of Israel to crack job easily. The refugee of Israel can happily get settled in the country they want and lead a happy life. The IFCJ ratings charity is rated top as it meets all the quality standards. There are many watch dog sites which have rated this charitable organization with top IFCJ ratings for maintaining transparency and for being accountable in their acts.

IFCJ ratingsThis charitable organization is run by 100 board of directors who would be meeting thrice a year and would be working tirelessly to carry out the operations of the charity without break and smoothly. The treasurer of the board and other board people are not paid. The board members run this charitable organization without any conflict of interest. IFCT spends around 65% of the amount on program activities and 35% of the fundraising events to gather funds.

Roberto Casula: The Man Who Creates Milestones in Energy Research

Eni is an Italian company with a worldwide presence which is one of the global oil and gas super-players. The company’s market capitalization was calculated at $64 billion as on March 31, 2018. Eni is one of the companies included in the Fortune Global 500 list. The foundation of Eni is based mainly on oil and gas exploration, Roberto Casulaproduction, refining and selling operations, electricity and chemistry. More important about Eni’s foundation is the values that inspire.

Roberto, the core value of Eni

Eni holds the responsibility of energy transition as disclosed by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2017. The CDP recognized Eni as one of the leading oil and gas companies on the Climate A List. The commitment, pragmatism and skill continued transformation of the business model at Eni faster, responsibly, and in more efficient manner. Eni is a leader in energy sector, but its value is based on the team that derives the value of the company. One of the names behind Eni’s value is Roberto Casula who is pillar of the company and maintains its core value. He oversees the valuable projects presently at Eni in open innovation and corporate venture capital.

Roberto’s impact at Eni

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Roberto’s milestones in energy sector

The energy companies owe high responsibilities to combat with the problem of fast depletion of oil and natural gas resources, and they are working on sustainable natural resource of energy. Roberto Casula is one of the leading personalities that are working on innovations. The career achievements of Roberto are the plusses that allow him to make fast progress in this field.

Yael Eckstein is a Traveled and Well-read Person

After meeting Yael Eckstein, one can understand that the President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) is a very well-read and highly traveled person. She has also served many other mid and senior-level posts in the Fellowship prior to leading it. That is also a reason why she is able to speak on its programs with so much faith and conviction. Apart from her professional duties, she is also a social service professional and a known writer who contributes regularly to many leading Israeli newspapers like ‘The Times of Israel’ and ‘The Jerusalem Post’.

Yael Eckstein

She has also authored two books – ‘Spiritual Cooking with Yael’ and ‘Holy Land Reflections: A Collection of Inspirational Insights from Israel’. Some other important information related to her is also provided here.

  • Her education is a US-Israel combo – Yael Eckstein was born in Chicago, Illinois and had a US-Israeli education as she has visited prestigious educational institutions of both the countries. She completed here biblical studies in Israel from the ToratChesed Seminary while her Sociology and Jewish studies were completed from the Queens College in New York. She has also taught Jewish and Hebrew in the US. Later on, she also did an additional study in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University.
  • Yael Eckstein
  • She is a fierce speaker on Jewish-Christian causes – Yael Eckstein is also a vociferous speaker for Jewish Cristian causes and can be heard speaking weekly on many radio stations for the Fellowship and many other reasons. ‘The Fellowship’ and ‘Holy Land Moments’ are some popular programs on which she can be heard expressing her views over multiple radio stations throughout the world. She is a very revered speaker in the educational circle.

Through her efforts, IFCJ has been able to achieve and help a lot of needy and poor Jews. The relationship between the Jews and Christians has also been strengthened to a large extent due to her initiatives through the IFCJ.

100 Most Influential Women of Israel

The 100 most influential women of Israel are determined by the candidate’s net worth, their influence in the media and their essential contribution to the society. Many women have played a major role in various industries. Yael Eckstein is one of the most prominent among them and was named as “One of Israel’s 100 Most Influential Women” by MakorRishon. Let us see some of the most inspiring women of Israel of all times.

Yael Eckstein

Golda Meir– She was an Israeli teacher, politician and fourth Prime Minister of Israel, the only women who played a role as a prime minister of Israel.  From the 1940s through the 1960s, Meir served for the Israeli government in numerous positions including as Minister of Labor and Foreign Minister. She was revered as Israeli’s Iron Lady because she played a fundamental role in establishing Israel as a country and guiding it through its difficult times.

Yael EcksteinYael Eckstein is the President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The problems between the Christians and Jews exists for ages and they both contradict others opinions at most times. However, with the best biblical speeches and stories, things have much changed and they no longer view one another as the other instead two sides of the same coin.  Yael Eckstein preached the love for God to people and played a significant role in caring for the needy people.

Yael Eckstein

Dr. Ruth– She is a German-American sex therapist, internationally recognized media personality, and author. A pioneer in all things that are related to sex. Dr. Ruth brought to the forefront straightforward and direct, frank conversation about sex and sexuality.

Naomi Shemer– She was a leading Israeli musician, composer and songwriter and revered as the Israeli first lady of song and poetry.

Who Is Yael Eckstein And How Is She Related To IFCJ?

Yael Eckstein is the daughter of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. Yechiel Eckstein is the establisher of IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews). Yael is the current president of this charitable foundation.

About Yael Eckstein

Yael EcksteinYael was born in Illinois. She studied in Torat Chesed Seminary which is in Israel. Then she went to Queens College in New York. She then again came back to Jerusalem to complete her education from Hebrew University.

She is highly educated and has good knowledge of biblical studies, Jewish and sociology. She has been working for a long time in the United States as a teacher of Hebrew and Jewish studies.

Yael Eckstein now stays in Jerusalem with her husband and four kids. She is a regular blogger and her blogs are followed by the reputed people of the world. She also contributes to The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post regularly. She produces brilliant pieces of writings.

She is also a successful author and already two books of hers have been published. The two books are Holy Land Reflections and Spiritual Cooking with Yael. Both of them are bestsellers and are loved by the readers.

Yael has been very influential on the people of Israel with her bright vision. She is doing a lot for the welfare of theYael Eckstein people in Israel and especially for the deprived Jews all over the world.

After the death of her father, Yael Eckstein decided to leave the United States, where she resided, and come back to Israel and continue her father’s good work.


IFCJ was established in 1983 by Yechiel Eckstein to help the needy Jews. Yechiel Eckstein could not bear the harsh conditions of the Jews all over the world and thus decided to help them in every possible way.

Yael Eckstein is the spokesperson of IFCJ and is a very dedicated social worker. She is the current President of IFCJ.

Yael Eckstein Is the Most Talented One to Develop the Jewish Society

Providing support to the Jews for their progress was been possible only because of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. He founded the most appropriate charities in Israel named IFCJ. This was for Jews. The value increases about 130 Yael Ecksteinmillion dollar. IFCJ is thus an excellent way that helps in generating a relationship between Christian and Jewish. However, his death, in just 67 years of age, made people confused that how the foundation will provide support. Only option for that was his daughter Yael Eckstein, and she is doing brilliant work.

How much successful is the lady Yael Eckstein in completing her father’s dream?

If you really go through her work, then it will be clear that how much perfect and hard worker this lady is. If you think that how she manages the things, then you must go with the following points as –

  • She works accurately just as the need of the charity.
  • As her father has a great consult with Christians, so all the donators and the known people in the friend circle have a good bond with Yael.
  • After being the president of IFCJ, she fulfills the need of people in all possible ways. Not only that, but herYael Eckstein husband and children feel proud for Yael as one of the most talented and successful lady in the world.
  • She served different positions as executive vice-president and senior vice-president. Along with that she also served as director in the field of program development.
  • She writes articles as a regular writer in Magazines and news paper and the prime motto of this is to enhance the mindset of people.

Now, it is clear that her work gives a satisfaction to the people. So, the Jewish and Christian society together makes a new world- A world of development together without feeling harsh. Now, it is clear that how Yael Eckstein is one of the most suitable lady in progress of Jewish society.

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Future of Booking Engines & Social Media to Make Hotel Reservations

You ask anyone about the time devoted to social media. Most people will say that they interact on social media every day, sometimes for several hours. Some people make social media interaction few times a week or during a month. The social media users’ attitude differs from individual to individual, but their social interactions are usually made to share informations and videos with their social media friends. This is a truth that social media is used for business purposes, and businesses also benefit by interaction with audiences through social media channels.

Impact of social media on hotel bookings

Let’s discuss this aspect from the perspective of hotel business. Hotel industry also make use of social media for business promotion and bookings and get advantages of their use. The rise of social media has played bigger role in online marketing, and hotel industry has also benefitted from this marketing role of social media, though results are not so encouraging. The study shows that likes of Facebook have been successful to bring 3.3% of the web traffic to hotels’ websites; only 0.75% of bookings made for independent hotels and B&Bs originate from social media; and most chats don’t yield fruitful results.

What has more influence for hotel bookings

You see that percentage of population using social media for hotel booking is meager, and 74% hotel bookings were emanated from online travel agencies and travel websites; hotel booking engine sites like, Trivago, TripAdvisor, and few more have great influence in this matter. Some people make use of personal recommendations of their family and friends to make hotel reservation. The study shows that 39% people come in this category.


We conclude that booking engine and OTAs are important sources to make hotel booking for most travelers followed by recommendations. Social media is one of the sources, but without a strong impact. The future of online hotel booking lies in development of more booking engines.

Making Your Choice Between Australian ETA & Australian Visa

You need to have an ETA to visit Australia if you do not apply for visa. ETA is a requirement for any visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Australia. There is some confusion between Australian ETA and www eta immi gov au, but both are independent documents. The ETA is an alternative available to international traveler to Australia, but ETA can’t be issued to an individual who has no other Australian visas. Both ETA and visa are issued to allow entry into Australian land, but the immigration officer at the airport holds right of final judgement on your immigration. Thus, both ETA and visa are permission documents, but without right of entry onto Australian land.

Making decision about ETA/visa

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Australian visa is more difficult than ETA

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Make your own choice

From above discussion, it may be concluded that ETA is the better option over visa for travel to Australia, but not always. Things should always be considered on merits because both documents can’t be issued concurrently. Australian visa requires lot of information and documentation, and sometimes personal interview.

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The IFCJ operating as an international Organization

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or IFCJ, begun in 1983 in order to promote a better sense of mutual understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews, it is certainly one of the largest organizations of Christians in today’s world, which is very much active in working with Jewish community worldwide and provides constant support to the Jewish people.

IFCJ ratings


This organization was founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and led by its president Yael Eckstein, The Fellowship program provides support (both financial and physical) and shelter to the needy citizens of Israel and Jewish communities all over the world, promotes prayer and proper security on behalf of the Jewish state, and builds bridges of understanding between Christians and Jews and helps to maintain harmony and peace. This justifies the question “Is IFCJ a good charity?”

The Achievements of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews as an international Organization

The Fellowship now raises more than 140 million dollars per year – majority of them coming from Christians – and has it has increased up to two million supporters and advocates. Since the organization has been founded, The Fellowship has raised more than 1.4 billion for this work. The organization has their offices in Jerusalem, Chicago, Toronto, Seoul, and Sao Paulo.

IFCJ ratings

The Fellowship has provided humanitarian aid to millions of people in more than 25 countries, and its robust communications network – includes teaching, television and radio programs, and web contacts – reaches up to millions in some one hundred countries all over the planet  each and every day, creating an enormous grassroots movement of aid and good will. The IFCJ reviews have been positive since the organization was established.

IFCJ ratings

Overall Score & IFCJ rating is 85.68 with a financial score of 79.75 and their Accountability and Transparency being a clean 100.00.

Maintain Trust With Expected Results

Whenever the concept of charity and donations arise, there occurs a name of the organization that can provide with the remarkable solutions for the mankind. Is IFCJ a good charity? Certainly yes, as it has been providing the support and contribution to the groups suffering from the financial and social crisis since a long time. IFCJ ratingThey have an open source for the donations from all over the world, without any kind of identity or interruptions in the path to achieve the success. IFCJ ratings has proved that nothing is difficult, if you are working sincerely in the direction for the solutions.

IFCJ reviews have attracted the leaders, all over the globe and understand the severity of the situation in which the helping hands are moving ahead towards the construction of the human standards to a defined level. In order to make sure, that no one is left unattended in the journey of success. For which, there is an urgent need of leading organizations and departments to take strict and quickest possible steps. IFCJ ratingThat can help the victims to survive and reach the level of minimum standard of living by receiving the food- clothing and shelter, with the support provided by the social provisions.

IFCJ rating can be considered as a record, for the future aspects. That can help you to understand the real scenario, which has been persistent to the condition of the people suffering from different problems. IFCJ has worked strictly for a while, for providing the help to hundreds of people who have been going through the tough times of their life. Anyone can join the cause of humanity, by contributing in the organization through donations for charity depending upon the availability and willingness to help the poor and needy people who have been suffering all their lives.

The IFCJ Rating That Makes a Great Difference

In the past few days, many people are talking about the IFCJ. They have many questions regarding their rating and its authenticity. This philanthropic organization was founded by Yechiel Eckstein in 1983.  The organization is established for the wellbeing of the Jews.

IFCJ ratingsThe main objective behind establishing the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to educated and support the Jews. They want to develop Jews so that they become a strong support for Israel. The main question that constantly comes in people’s mind is, Is IFCJ a good charity.

 In order to clear the doubts about the operating methods of the organization let’s check out IFCJ reviews to find out some crucial details about the organization.

Organizational Structure

 The headquarters of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is in Jerusalem and Chicago. The organization operates under the guidance of an Independent board of directors, Christians and Jewish. Originally, it was set up as Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Except for the headquarters, the organization also has its branches in Toronto and Seoul. The IFCJ rating is three stars for the work they are doing for the welfare of society.

Ongoing projects

Currently, the organization working on four projects Isaiah 58, The Guardians of Israel. Stand for Israel and WingsIFCJ rating of Eagle. People are appreciating them for supporting the needy and for the hard work they are putting for such deed. The official blog of the organization is overflowing with the applause of people who are getting the benefits of the projects of the IFCJ.

All these good deeds and appreciations make this organization different from other non- profit organizations. It is also a reason for having a score of 85.68 out of 100 and three-star IFCJ ratings given by Charity Navigator. You can get more information about the rating process and the criterions on which the non – profit organizations like IFCJ are rated online.