How Roberto Casula Benefitted the Future of the Energy Industry?

Right from an early age, Roberto Casula was determined to be an engineer and serve the oil and gas industry once he grows up. The technical influence from his parents motivated him to set the course for his future. And the future of the energy industry, too. The fascination of solving complex situations pertaining to energy related matters boosted his zeal to achieve his dream.

Roberto CasulaBackground

Roberto Casula graduated as a mining engineer from University of Cagliari, and joined Eni as a reservoir engineer. But his career graph looks very fascinating and inspires all upcoming engineers as over the years he successfully landed up being the Chief Development Officer of Operations and Technology at Eni itself.


Apart from contributing to Eni’s immense success and growth over the years, he served the entire oil and gas industry all over Italy. And it was his efforts and contributions to the industry that he was named the Chairman of Assomineraria, the Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association for a duration of 2-year service.

SuccessRoberto Casula

Roberto Casula turned out to be an extremely successful name in the oil and mining industry owing to his contributions to its growth. In the energy industry, people refer him and Eni together. But in his own words, it was time and experience that led to his success.  He recalled an incident which gave the sweet taste of success at an early age and taught him the wisdom that he need to grab the right opportunity at the right time to set his future. This ideal helped him formulate a team of his own and his journey from a mere engineer to an executive started right then. It was right at this moment that the energy industry got one of its stalwarts who completely changed the future of the energy industry.