Making Your Choice Between Australian ETA & Australian Visa

You need to have an ETA to visit Australia if you do not apply for visa. ETA is a requirement for any visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Australia. There is some confusion between Australian ETA and www eta immi gov au, but both are independent documents. The ETA is an alternative available to international traveler to Australia, but ETA can’t be issued to an individual who has no other Australian visas. Both ETA and visa are issued to allow entry into Australian land, but the immigration officer at the airport holds right of final judgement on your immigration. Thus, both ETA and visa are permission documents, but without right of entry onto Australian land.

Making decision about ETA/visa

The discussion made in the previous paragraph might have cleared most doubts about ETA and visa and will make your decision easy whether to apply for ETA or visa. Further assistance can be obtained from Australia ETA/ visa application service. While ETA is the way to travel to Australia without a visa, but this document deprives you of few benefits of a regular tourist visa, through ETA is a better option for short-term and non-frequent travelers.

Australian visa is more difficult than ETA

You can make your own choice to select between Australian ETA and visa, based on the situation under which you intend to travel and length of stay, but visa processing is more difficult compared to ETA processing, and visa fee is also seven times high. That’s why people prefer to apply for ETA, but this facility is not available to passport holders of all countries across the globe.

Make your own choice

From above discussion, it may be concluded that ETA is the better option over visa for travel to Australia, but not always. Things should always be considered on merits because both documents can’t be issued concurrently. Australian visa requires lot of information and documentation, and sometimes personal interview.