People in Various Categories of Vegetarians & Vegans

Non-vegetarian is broad category and people coming in this category have wide variety of choices to eat from plant-based and animal-based foods. A vegetarian is a restricted category because it bars consumption of non-veg foods. A new vegan category is further restricted because people coming in this category have even restricted choice in veg foods.

Vegetarian categories

Vegetarian category does have sub-categories as we just don’t talk of vegan restriction. Vegan is a specific category and the people in this category believe in purely veg foods, but restriction of non-consumption of animal products is somewhere eliminated in vegetarian category. In fact, there are four sub-categories of vegetarian category, derived on the basis of food habits of the people falling under each sub-category.

vegan restaurants

  • Lacto Ovo Vegetarian, includes people not eating meats and sea foods but include dairy products such as milk and eggs in their diet
  • Ovo Vegetarian, includes people either eating eggs or other dairy products (excluding eggs) in their diet
  • Semi Vegetarian, includes people voluntary controlling meat consumption
  • Demi Vegetarian. Includes people consuming eggs, fish and dairy products but exclude meats.

Vegetarian people in most above sub-categories can conveniently dine in common restaurants serving both veg and non-veg foods and they can also make their entry into vegetarian restaurants for vegetarian dishes. They can also try in vegan restaurants for very specific pure vegetarian dishes. So, these type of sub-categories of vegetarian have low restriction in food choices.

Vegan categories

Vegans are also categorized as ethical vegans, plant-based vegans and raw vegans. Ethical vegans are a common category and are really pure vegetarians avoiding animal and animal-derived products. Plant-based vegans live on ground-grown plant-based foods only. Raw vegans are very specific about foods. They refrain from animal by-products and believe in eating partially-cooked plant foods below certain temperature to ensure their nutritional value.