Roberto Casula Believes There Are Opportunities in East and West Africa

Roberto Casula is a mining engineer who was born in Cagliari, Sardinia. He graduated from the University of Cagliari in the year 1988 and joined Eni S.p.A Company in the same year. Currently, he holds the post of Chief Development, Operations and Technology Officer of Eni where he leads 3000 people in the headquarters and 9000 people worldwide.

The Oil and Money Conference 2013

The Oil and money conference is the much awaited annual meet arranged by the International Herald Tribune in association with Energy Intelligence. The event is to discuss the various ways to explore East and West Africa.roberto casula eni

Roberto casula stated that they were targeting the Far East market of Japan, India, and China. He believes that East Africa has an edge in transportation in comparison to other aspects. If compared with Australian projects then East African projects are less complex.

He stated that 2018 onwards more volumes of LNG shall be assigned to the East market. This is the result of the conversation with the buyers of the East market.

An ocean of opportunities in East and West Africa

Roberto casula eni believes that the important discoveries in West Africa should be taken into account. The conditions are fast changing. The region is advancing at a good pace. It has got the same quality of oil that has been extracted from the sites in Brazil. The countries have got a very promising future in oil.

He thinks that it can be safely concluded that West Africa shall continue to be the oil hub and East Africa shall be the game changer as a center for gas. He believes that both East Africa and West Africa has got the potential to deliver the best for the business of Eni.roberto casula eni

Roberto Casula has spent a big part of his career in the various parts of Africa. He certainly has got a good overview of the potential of Africa.