The IFCJ Rating That Makes a Great Difference

In the past few days, many people are talking about the IFCJ. They have many questions regarding their rating and its authenticity. This philanthropic organization was founded by Yechiel Eckstein in 1983.  The organization is established for the wellbeing of the Jews.

IFCJ ratingsThe main objective behind establishing the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to educated and support the Jews. They want to develop Jews so that they become a strong support for Israel. The main question that constantly comes in people’s mind is, Is IFCJ a good charity.

 In order to clear the doubts about the operating methods of the organization let’s check out IFCJ reviews to find out some crucial details about the organization.

Organizational Structure

 The headquarters of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is in Jerusalem and Chicago. The organization operates under the guidance of an Independent board of directors, Christians and Jewish. Originally, it was set up as Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Except for the headquarters, the organization also has its branches in Toronto and Seoul. The IFCJ rating is three stars for the work they are doing for the welfare of society.

Ongoing projects

Currently, the organization working on four projects Isaiah 58, The Guardians of Israel. Stand for Israel and WingsIFCJ rating of Eagle. People are appreciating them for supporting the needy and for the hard work they are putting for such deed. The official blog of the organization is overflowing with the applause of people who are getting the benefits of the projects of the IFCJ.

All these good deeds and appreciations make this organization different from other non- profit organizations. It is also a reason for having a score of 85.68 out of 100 and three-star IFCJ ratings given by Charity Navigator. You can get more information about the rating process and the criterions on which the non – profit organizations like IFCJ are rated online.