The TCU class ring and how you can get it

When it comes to the Texas Christian University, you need to know that the University and the TCU way of life are indeed remarkable. The University curriculum is designed in such a way so as to provide each freshman with equal opportunities at a well rounded education. The University comes with its own brand of traditions, customs that may seem quixotic at best but one that nevertheless fills each student with pride, starting with the Texas Christian ring.texas christian class ring

The hand sign:

The Texas Christian ring comes with the horned frog on one side, and it has certainly led to the University developing its own unique hand sign, which happens to be based on the same either. Way back in ’82 this particular hand sign was popularized among the student body and consists of two central fingers forming a slight hook with the other fingers curled down. It is supposed to be representative of the Texas Horned Lizard, and today, happens to be a unique tradition that’s popular among the whole student body. The other tradition is the common table, where huge dining tables are set up on the campus commons where hundreds of students sit together each sprig and share a common meal.

How to get the ring

texas christian class ringIf you have just enrolled in the University and are quite eager to get your hands on the Texas Christian ring, then you may want to check out some of the online websites. The fact is that you must first qualify for the original ring, which requires completing a certain number of academic credits. But if you want to get the ring faster, then you can order the same online. It would not be the original but it would be a lot similar.