The Way John Lippmann, New CEO Accomplished Mission of BOMC

Book of the Month Club remained the most influential players in the book industry, and its membership grew over decades. The Club offered works by popular authors such as Nelson DeMille, Toni Morrison, and John Updike. The Club’s became national sellers all the time they were introduced, but this media company suffered setback in 2000s, when its membership began to decline. The business got a big jerk, and even change of ownership couldn’t create revival. The cause was not related to the Club’s performance because BOMC was doing same like before. The problem was online selling of books that Amazon had created.

Mission of new CEO of BOMC

The lion’s share of book selling shifted to online selling market. Amazon gained great success in shifting book readers’ interest to buy books online. At this crucial juncture, John Lippman got offer of acquiring Bookspan’s ownership. Lippman acquired Book of the Month Club to revive its membership and business, and to streamline its operations. Lippmann himself is a book lover, apart from his interest in music business. He also has finance background. Lippman took as new CEO of Book of the Month after its acquisition, and invested in hiring a strong software-engineering team for digital content and social marketing. He also focused on building membership through these efforts.

How new BOMC CEO accomplished mission

Though Bookspan, the parent company has been operating 14 different book clubs on various location, but John Lippmann took interest in Book of the Month Club. He focused on the present needs of the Club and nourished this club through most dramatic overhaul. He had a support of most professional team that he hired for this task, and to achieve his main objective. He thought beyond the bestseller list, and also focused on new and midlist authors. He didn’t change the mission of BOMC, but his format was different to accomplish this mission. John Lippmann implemented his plan in very professional manner and got success eventually.