What are the different Types of Heart Diseases?

Research has found that people who are more worried and agonize from anxiety disorder issues are more likely to suffer heart diseases. Many famous cardio surgeons like Mr. Roberto Casula, recommend that all adults, irrespective whether young or old to get a heart health screening every year done by their primary health care specialist.

The routine checkup should comprises of checking of the blood pressure, blood cholesterol, sugar level and BMI (Body Mass Index). There are several types of heart diseases each of which has its own issues and impediments.roberto casula

Types of Cardio Vascular Diseases

  • Coronary Heart Diseases– Coronary artery disease develops when the major blood vessels which are responsible for the stream your heart with blood, oxygen and nutrients gets blocked. According to Mr. Roberto Casula daily life changes can help you prevent or slow the development of coronary artery disease.
  • Cerebrovascular Diseases – It involves a diversity of medical factors that impact the blood vessels of the brain and the cerebral circulation. They are mostly treated with medications. However, in the worst case scenario, they are operated. Open heart operations are done. Mr. Roberto Casula is the only practicing robotic cardiac surgeon in the UK pioneered in robotic enhanced cardiac surgery
  • Peripheral Arterial Diseases– When enough blood flow is not received to your peripheral systems, majorly to your limbs, this medical condition occurs. They are basically handled through medications to increase blood flow to the limbs both by keeping the blood thin and enlarging the blood vessels.roberto casula eni
  • Rheumatic Heart Diseases– During this condition, the heart valves are damaged which is primarily caused by fever induced by Streptococcus bacteria. They are generally treated by steroids and anti-steroidal medications.


Your risk of heart disease increases as you get older. Eat healthy! Stay Healthy!