What are the goals of IFCJ?

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded in 1983 with the aim to strengthen the relationship between Christians and Jews and give ample support to the Christians who are residing in Israel. This IFCJ would receive funds from the people globally to run the charitable organization without any hassle. This IFCJ ratings organization is registered with the government and offer tax benefit to the donors. IFCJ ratingsThis is run under the leadership of Yechiel Eckstein and other board of directors. They do not take a single penny from offering their services to the charitable organization.

Few of the goals towards which the organization is IFCJ ratings are running include:

  • Educate Jews and Christians at each other’s faith and values. So that each other, community would get to know about each other in a better way. IFCJ ratingsThis will improve bonding between these two communities.
  • Help the emigrants of Jews and to offer food and medicine to the poor and hungry Jews and the people living in the Soviet Union. This provides a platform for Christians to show their love and support to the Jewish people and the people of Israel.
  • Build a strong connection and support for shared issues and imbibe each other’s value
  • Encourage Jews and Christians to learn about the share values and morals while following their respective religious beliefs.
  • Resolve the disputes that are among the Jews and Christians in an amicable way and make sure that they live in harmony
  • Build the gap between the Jewish community and Christian community and give ample support to the Christians living in Israel
  • Provide job aid to the immigrants of Israel
  • Distribute hot meals, medicine and clothes to the people who suffered in terrorism and war attacks
  • Fight against Semitism

The above are the goals that IFCJ is working towards. However, you need to read the reviews and IFCJ ratings given on the sites prior to transferring funds.