What does charity navigator say about IFCJ

Ratings for IFCJ

            IFCJ is International fellowship of Christians and Jews organization which was founded in 1983 and it was mainly developed for promoting cooperation and maintaining relation between Christians and Jews. This was done in order to gain support for Israel and for betterment of the two communities. The main vision was that the Jews and Christians reverse the 2000 years old history and mark it with the relationship which gains respect. IFCJ ratingIFCJ reviews say that Yechiel Epstein is the founder of the organization and he was the one who contributed to great extent for the development of the relations.

            The organization builds bridges of goodwill and allowed a better cooperation between the members of the two different faiths. IFCJ ratings, according to Charity navigator are 85% on an average. From the financial point of view, IFCJ rating is 79.75% which explains that the financial management is good to great extent. The money received from donation is well planned and distributed into different programs as per the needs. IFCJ ratingFrom accountability and transparency point of view, the IFCJ get 100% which explains that you can clearly understand where your money is been used.


            There are number of organizations in market but very few of them are able to showcase their financial and management ways. IFCJ is different from all organization as it bifurcates the money used in different programs every year. You can get the detailed list of the programs. It is ensured that your donated money is in right hands and been utilized in right manner. There are number of programs including the betterment of needy people by offering the m food, medicines, betterment of the elderly people of Israel and helping the poor families of Israeli military. Is IFCJ a good charity? The answer is definitely positive.